HiJAZZ: Middle Eastern Music meets Jazz
Ensemble members: Beshar Al Azzawi (Vocals/Oud), Raed Al-Jawad (Piano), Darren Proctor (Riq), Osmar Okuma (Bass)

„The Silence of Shanashiel“ with Interviews of the Ensemble Musicians:

„The Silence of Shanashiel“ Full Studio Version:

Cilience: Fetters and Feathers:

Cilience: Rain Dance

“Rain Dance” was inspired by the drought in California. Directed by Xanthe Pajarillo, the video portrays the battle for our earth. “Rain Dance” is about climate change. The song was written in an air conditioner-less apartment in the midst of the heat wave here in Los Angeles during the summer of 2015. With raging wildfires, the air filling with smog, and no rain in sight, the summer felt like some kind of impending apocalypse. We have no one to blame but ourselves for pollution, destroying ecosystems, and excessive carbon emissions. Without respect for our environment, we will not survive on this earth. However, we can all do our part to leave the world a better place than we found it.

CalArts Graduation Recital:
Ensemble members: Nery Kim (Keys/Piano), Osmar Okuma (Bass), Alkis Nicolaides (Guitar), and Jesse Audelo (Sax). 
1.) Something Beautiful (by Marko Djordjevic)  
2.) The Past Before You (by Metalwood)
3.) Bodybeard (by Metalwood)
4.) Wenn’s Rengt (When It Rains) (by Michael Anetsberger)

Sample Funk/Jazz Drums

Sample Rock Drums

Playing with Cilience at the Troubadour in West Hollywood:

Cilience – Begin Again