HiJAZZ: Middle Eastern Music meets Jazz
Ensemble members: Beshar Al Azzawi (Vocals/Oud), Raed Al-Jawad (Piano), Darren Proctor (Riq), Osmar Okuma (Bass)

„The Silence of Shanashiel“ with Interviews of the Ensemble Musicians:

„The Silence of Shanashiel“ Full Studio Version:

CalArts Graduation Recital:
Ensemble members: Nery Kim (Keys/Piano), Osmar Okuma (Bass), Alkis Nicolaides (Guitar), and Jesse Audelo (Sax). 
1.) Something Beautiful (by Marko Djordjevic)  
2.) The Past Before You (by Metalwood)
3.) Bodybeard (by Metalwood)
4.) Wenn’s Rengt (When It Rains) (by Michael Anetsberger)

Sample Funk/Jazz Drums

Sample Rock Drums